Freddie Lounds vs Will 'if looks could kill' Graham

Anonymous: "do you have any good photos of alana and will that would make a good phone wallpaper?"

Sorry,  I don’t bc I am so clueless on making graphics but I’m sure you can find gorgeous ones in the willana tag bc wOW talented people :)

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a family friend of mine is a gigantic book/movie/tv nerd and when she married her husband their biggest struggle was the fact that they now had two copies of every book, dvd, and boxed set and that is the kind of marriage I aspire to have

That is so beautiful.

Yes, hi, hello, I’d like to talk about this.  But first let’s get something out of the way…yes, I did save these files as perjuryislove.jpg.  Now that the important thing has been said…let’s talk about this moment.  These silent looks at the end of this scene, right after Snarky Lawyer declares Alana’s delivery of her blatant lie acceptably believable.  

At first glance, it’s easy to write this off as just, like, the angst of the rejection.  But, yeah, no.  This is Will Graham, super empath.  He was there for I have feelings for you, Will and I feel wounded.  He’s the one who in 1x09 dismissed her so-called professional curiosity, which IMO has long since stopped being true and is now just an easy go to excuse (this is the second time we’ve seen her use it as such).  

Will knows she’s lying.  He knows Alana Bloom, ethical and honest to a fault, is sitting in front of him rehearsing her perjury.  And this look at the end…there’s something so silently communicative about it.  And maybe it’s just me, but this can now join the ranks of those moments where I suddenly remember that these two have a relatively long and established friendship, and that they know each other.

It’s not that Will’s touched or grateful in this moment - I mentioned earlier that IMO his gratitude doesn’t kick in until that final scene.  Not at all.  He thinks this defense is pretty useless, and has a relatively low interest in the court case in general (as he says later, the idea of legal justice has never brought him much comfort).  He sees how much Alana is putting into it, how much she’s counting on it and, right here, what she’s willing to do for it…and he thinks it’s futile, and not worth it.

But Alana’s face.  Oh, Alana’s face.  It’s not guilt - she knows he knows she’s lying, even though she doesn’t love saying that lie at all, especially in front of him (she didn’t look at him when she said it).  But she looks back at Will as soon as the lawyer declares her believable and this look…it’s like this stony, determined resignation.  Like she’s saying yes, this is what’s happening, this is what I’m doing, this is the story I’m sticking to, yes I’m lying for you.  Because Alana is still counting so hard on this trial, and this unconsciousness defense.

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“So there’s a professional curiosity about him. She loves him very much, but she’s not going to let her own emotions get in the way… . She’s only thinking of Will’s well-being while trying to help him get out of his present situation as soon as possible. Everyone else is always thinking about how useful he can be to them. No one thinks about how everything affects him so much, except for Alana. She is like the heart of the show.” — Caroline Dhavernas about Alana Bloom [x]